Portraits of the Wild

A. E. London Studio

A.E. London

Capturing animals in their habitat, in order to preserve both

A.E. London

Telling the story of Africa's endangered species

A.E. London

Creating art that supports wildlife conservation


Anne is the real thing—a wildlife artist that journeys directly into the animal's territory to discover its true essence and record its spirit.  I love how she uses my own imagination to finish her work.

Sue Goatley, Wilderness Safaris

Anne London uses her wonderful talent as an artist to expose large audiences to the beauty and complexities of nature. Her subjects draw the observer into the scene as if they themselves are part of it. They feel the energy of the animals as if they are alive...

John Lukas, Okapi Conservation Project

Anne London is not only an incredibly talented artist but a passionate supporter of wildlife conservation, devoting countless hours and artwork to saving animals in the wild.

Rick Barongi, Conservationist and former director of the Houston Zoo