A.E. London Originals

Each canvas for an A.E. London original is specially prepared by the artist.  First, a layer of specially formulated Venetian plaster is laid down on heavyweight canvas.  When partially set, it is scored with tools specifically made from natural elements like African porcupine quills, museum reproductions of bear claws and bone, as well as the artist's fingers.

After further preparation of the canvas, a graphite drawing is made and layers of charcoal, watercolor, sometimes coffee, charcoal dust, and gouache are added. Each layer is dried and sealed before the next layer is added.  The process allows for a composite of complex, incompatible material helping to create movement and life in the finished piece that is impossible to capture in photographs.     

Anne's originals are often created for specific shows and exhibitions nationally and worldwide.  She also creates specific pieces by commission for her clients and collectors.  Therefore, the list of available originals is constantly changing. A small sampling of available originals is below. 

To purchase an original or discuss a private commission please contact us directly.  

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